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Lauge Dideriksen is a Danish conductor and composer. 

In his music, musicians roam across territories of material forged from the debris of colliding structures. The music is in a constant state of flux, seemingly embodying material at will, or unknowingly following an itinerary that has been set out for it.

His works have been commissioned and performed by ensembles performers such as Bit20 (NO), The New European Ensemble (NL), Gareth Davies (UK/NL), Ensemble Scordatura (NL), and Het Residentie Orkest (NL).


Parallel to his work as composer, Dideriksen is an active conductor and has premiered works by composers such as Diderik Wagenaar and Gilius van Bergeijk, which has involved musicians from orchestras and ensembles such as Oerknal and the Residentie Orkest. 

As a violinist he is involved in the research and performance of traditional European dance music, and is currently focused on rubato and non-geometrical rhythm in Austrian and Swedish dance music. In the past he has performed with, amongst others, Wilbert de Joode, Hermann Fritz, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Han Bennink.


Dideriksen studied composition with Niels Rønsholdt and at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag—composition with Richard Barrett and Yannis Kyriakides, as well as conducting with Lucas Vis.

He was among the 2019 recipients of Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Talentlegat.



(+45) 28 83 29 10

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