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Whether playing solo, leading ad hoc groups, or hosting a jam session, Lauge Dideriksen’s playing is characterised by a unique mix of analytical understanding and visceral groove. Grounded in the Scandinavian traditions, his repertoire includes French and Austrian music, as wells as pieces from manuscripts by the Central European dancemasters of the 18th century.
Parallel to playing, Dideriksen is involved in several research-projects around traditional European dance music, currently focused on rhythm in the three-beat music of Sweden and Austria.

He regularly collaborates with the dancers and dance teachers Judith Benkő, Toni Hacker, and Wanda Leben, leading workshops on topics such as Swedish traditional dancing, wickler, and improvisation within the framework of traditional couple dances. 

Originally from Denmark, Dideriksen has played and taught over most of Europe, at venues and festivals such as Wiener Volksliedwerk—Bockkeller (AT), Viljandi Folk Festival (EE), KlangRauschTreffen (DE), and Pipenbocktreffen (DE).

Photo: Anton Hacker

Photo: Anton Hacker

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