Yarn/Weave (2019)
for solo violoncello

Commissioned by Alfian Emir Aditya
Duration: ca. 7’

Swell (2019)
for orchestra

Commissioned by the Residentie Orkest, who also gave the first performance at Zuiderstrand Theater, Den Haag, 29/03 2019. 
Instrumentation: bcl, bsn, perc (2 players), vln, vla & cb.
Duration: ca. 1’ 10”

It Measures Itself Against the Vertigo Caused by Its Own Abyss (2018)
for septet

Commissioned by Festival Dag in de Branding.
First performance by the New European Ensemble at Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, 06/10 2018. 
Instrumentation: bcl, bsn, perc (2 players), vln, vla & cb.
Duration: ca. 7’

In Medias Res (2018)
for quartet

Commissioned by the Hodiernal Quartet.
Excerpted performance by the Hodiernal Quartet at Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, 09/04 2018.
Instrumentation: vln, gtr, vlc & cb.
Duration: ca. 15’

Lozenge (2018)
for adapted viola

Commissioned by Ensemble Scordatura. First performance by Elisabeth Smalt at Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, 11/04 2018.
Duration: ca. 2’30’’

Meaning (2017)
for soprano and ensemble

First performed by students at the Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag at Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, 11/12 2018.
Instrumentation: afl, bcl, perc, acc, sop, 2 vln, vla & cb.
Duration: ca. 12’

Halocline (2017)
for soprano and electronics

First performance by Julie Hasfjord at Studio Loos, Den Haag, 19/05 2017.
Duration: ca. 7’

Upcoming Pieces

Solo piece for ’cellist Katharina Gross as part of her project Cellomondo.

Trio for Kaolin.


Alban Berg: Vier Stücke für Klarinette und Klavier, Op. 5 (2020)
for Large Ensemble


Duration: ca. 8’